1-1 Self-massage (MFR) online



With my 10 years of massage therapy training, experience and expertise, I can teach you how to manage your aches, pains and knots from the comfort of your own home. With thousands of hours of experience with many different bodies, ailments and needs, I am able to pass on the skills and insights to you in simple, easy yet highly effective, steps and instructions.


What is Myofascia Release (MFR) therapy?

A safe and very effective self-massage practice using rubber therapy balls*. It involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the connective tissues (or fascia) to eliminate pain, calm the nervous system and restore movement. It can be used on literally every area of the body including head, neck, face, shoulders, arms, hands, back, hips, legs and feet.

*can be substituted for tennis balls or rubber dog balls.


What is fascia?

It’s a sheet of connective tissue below our skin that stabilises, encloses and separates all our muscles, nerves, bones and internal organs. It’s our soft skeleton. Fascia is involved in all functions, movements and stability.  It’s what gives you shape and supports your posture. It is one of the most under-rated systems in the body. But when it tightens- it leads to sore muscles, trigger points, pain, knots and injuries.


Why use therapy balls?

They are a fantastic self-massage tool. They allow you to sink into the deeper layers of your connective tissues to reach the knots and adhesions of the muscles. Because they can be easily manoeuvred you can reach areas of the body that otherwise would be difficult to reach yourself such as your back, neck and shoulders.

The pressure is easy to control so you can choose how firm or gentle a massage you want.

The density of the ball matters, using the right amount of density without being too hard. Ideally the ball you are using should be comfortably conform to the area you are rolling. You should not experience pain, as it’s actually putting more tension in your system. You should be able to relax into it or have the balls relax into you.


It doesn’t have to hurt to work.

Our tissues are soft and already under a tremendous amount of tension, so a gentler approach is always best as it entices the body into relaxation and eases the tension from tight & painful muscles. Going all out, to force the body to relax will leave you feeling achy and very stressed. The exact opposite of how you want to feel.



Relieves aches and pains, enhances breathing, reduces stress, release knots and adhesions, prevents injuries, improves performance, promotes hydration of the tissues, improves neuromuscular connection, stimulates healing of injuries and increases blood & lymphatic circulation. All the benefits of a regular massage

Ideal for anyone who loves a massage!


Personalised online session 

Each session is tailored to your individual needs whether you want to learn a simple routine that you can easily replicate at home using the therapy balls, you just want to be guided through a self-massage routine so you can completely relax, to someone who wants a deeper anatomical understanding of their body and why they are experiencing pain/knots etc. You choose what areas of the body you want to prioritise and after a brief consultation, I will design a routine customised for you. I will guide you effortlessly through the sequence and offer modifications wherever needed. With my support you will release years of built up tension, knots and reduce pain. I will teach you simple breathing techniques so you can learn to relax your muscles, manage pain and switch off stress. You will feel like you’ve just had a massage!



Hour 1-1 Therapy ball self-massage online session £35.

Group online classes

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Enquiry: To book your private 1-1 therapy ball self-massage online session please email me at ficullum@hotmail.co.uk  or call 07517228482. Payments can be made by bank transfer or card payments taken over the phone.