1-1 Roll, Breathe and Release

My Signature Programme

Roll, Breathe & Release

Roll out knots, stress and tension, breathe deeply and release pain.

“Dum spiro spero. Dum spero amo. Dum amo vivo.”

“While I breathe, I hope. While I hope, I love. While I love, I live.”




What is it?

An individualised self-care fitness programme that offers you simple, natural and highly effective techniques to help manage pain, stress, injury and illness. Each programme combines self-massage, corrective physical exercises, yin yoga, specialised breathing practices, vagus nerve stimulation, and meditation. Using my advanced understanding of the human body and an empathetic approach, I can design a bespoke programme that will allow you to take control of your health and tap into your resilience. I have been developing this programme for over 10 years! It combines years of anatomy, massage, yoga, corrective exercises & meditation training and experience into one simple programme which offers consistent results.

You deserve to live a life free from pain, illness and injury. 


Release deep muscular tension in the body, strengthen your core, improve breathing patterns and relieve respiratory pain and disorders, manage injuries- recent and old, improve performance and stamina in athletics & sports, relieve severe stress and exhaustion, recover after long-term illness, improve your ability to relax and rest, help insomnia, soothe anxiety, boost your energy after post viral & chronic fatigue and enhance your overall health and wellbeing.


Covid 19: The novel coronavirus is a multi-system disease, but the most frequently affected system is the respiratory one. From the pandemic we have learnt the importance of effective breathing. It has scientifically been proven by Dr. Belisa Vranich that proper breathing exercises minimize the risk factors* of Covid-19 going from mild symptoms to moderate or severe. Also doing regular breathing exercises is an excellent way to recover from Covid 19 or post any respiratory virus or disease.

*minimises the risk but doesn’t eliminate it.

“The human body is built for resilience to stress and illness but without disciplined rest and recovery, the daily grind can leave us depleted physically and emotionally. Self-care is critical for healing, adaptation and body harmony”

Jill Miller, Breath and Bliss Immersion course.


Personalised online session: Each programme is designed for your individual needs and is centred on the breath. At the consultation we will decide together on what techniques you would like to experience, what is best suited to your needs & priorities, and discuss any concerns. Allow me to guide you effortlessly through the sequence step by step and offer modifications wherever needed, to release physical tension in the body, manage the mental exhaustion of chronic pain, learn to switch off stress and learn to be at home in your own body. We only get one!



Call now to book your FREE 20-minute consultation to discuss how I can help you manage your health naturally and effectively.

You deserve to live a life free from pain, illness and injury.

 Email me at ficullum@hotmail.co.uk  or call 07517228482.



Live online via Zoom on 1-1 sessions, to be done from the comfort of your own home.

Block: 3 one-hour personalised online sessions and free Pilates ball and 5ml aromatherapy rollerball £100 (To be used in 6 weeks from purchase).

Hour personalised session £40. 

This is only taught on a 1-1 basis as the practice is so personalised to each person.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or card payments taken over the phone.



Who can apply for the programme?

Anyone of any age who wants a holistic and proactive approach to their health. Whether you are burnt out, have an injury, have recently been ill, or are super stressed- this programme is adaptable to everyone.

Do I need any yoga or fitness background?

No. Anyone of any fitness level can enjoy it.

 Why does it matter how I breathe? Breathing is the only thing we do over 17,0000 times a day. And you’d be surprised at the amount of people who aren’t
breathing properly! Our breath affects our entire body and majorly impacts- important systems such as blood pressure and heart rate. Reduced oxygen levels caused by shallow breathing, can lead to reduced fitness & stamina, tense muscles, slow digestion, reduced immunity, heightened pain, slower recovery from injuries or illness, poor sleep, anxious feelings, panic and feeling on edge.

A frequently ignored sign from the body of incorrect breathing is regular sighing as the body is trying to get you to breathe deeper. Although our breathing muscles can be autonomic (automatic) doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be strengthened or challenged. They need worked out just like any other muscle group! e.g. In women vaginismus and pelvic floor disorders are caused by incorrect breathing.

What equipment do I need? You will need a laptop or tablet with access to the internet and a webcam.

For the session itself- ideally a quiet space, a large blanket or yoga mat and some cushions.

If you want to include self-massage, first we will discuss are you looking for a deep or gentler experience and then I can advise on which balls to buy from as little as £1.99. If you book the 3 sessions, the Pilates ball is included. The therapy and Pilates balls offer an innovative way to roll out muscular knots and tension while restoring balance to the body and reducing stress.

How many sessions will I need? Ideally 3 but a lot can be achieved in 1 session if you already have a regular self-care practice in place.

Are the sessions recorded?

No the sessions are not recorded. They are live between you and me.

 Do you offer refunds?

All payments are up front for the sessions and no refunds will be issued.


Call now to book your FREE 20-minute consultation to discuss how I can help you manage your health naturally and effectively.

You deserve to live a life free from pain, illness and injury.

 Email me at ficullum@hotmail.co.uk  or call 07517228482.